My First War

Yariv Mozer

Israel 2008, 82 min.


Spoken language: Hebrew

Subtitles: English

Shortly after the outbreak of war between Israel and Lebanon in the summer of 2006, 28-year-old reservist Yariv Mozer is called to the frontline, armed with a gun and a camera. Mozer’s documentary My First War offers his personal account of a war which Israel would gladly forget.
Preceded by the short film A Boy, A Wall and A Donkey by Hany Abu-Assad. To Mozer, the war between Israel en Lebanon seems initially like a video game, with the two antagonists shooting each other from a distance, but this changes dramatically when Israeli troops enter Lebanon. As the days go by, it becomes clear that the fighting is not going according to plan. Instructions from above are vague and Hezbollah fighters are often invisible. In the meantime, the death count rises. The feeling that Israelis had suffered from a pointless and failed attack can easily be read on the faces of the tired and demoralized soldiers. A few months after the cease-fire,
Mozer seeks out his comrades and concludes that without a doubt, they were the ones who paid a high price for the failings of their leaders. My First War is unique and personal account of a war which Israel would gladly forget.


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