Orange Bombs

Majed Neisi

Iran 2008, 19 min.


Subtitles: English

Habib and Zeinab have been married for 40 years, but they are still happy together. This is no small feat after all, when they look back on their married life, it has been scarred by wars. They live in Sofar, in the south of Lebanon. When they got married in 1967, the Six-Day War was raging and their children grew up among the fighting factions. Many of their dearest memories are in some way connected to bombings and missile attacks. Orange Bombs takes place four months after the 33-day war that Israel waged against Hezbollah. During this time, the area where Habib and Zeinab live was severely struck. The couple recently returned to their beloved orange orchard, which is strewn with cluster bombs, some of which didn't explode. So far, they have cleared away as many as 270 bombs, and they demonstrate how to disarm them for the camera. It's a dangerous life, but they have no choice. It's harvest time and the garden is their most precious possession.


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