Movies that Matter

In that context, DOEN supports Movies that Matter, because this organisation generates national and international attention for human rights films. By supporting the festival, DOEN hopes to build support for condemning and prosecuting human rights violations. During the Movies that matter festival, two other initiatives supported by DOEN will also receive extra attention: the Solar World Cinema Foundation and Mobile Cinema Iraq.

The Solar World Cinema Foundation

At the festival, the Solar World Cinema Foundation will offer a demonstration of its mobile open-air cinema that runs on solar-power. DOEN supports Solar World Cinema because it shows how renewable energy can be applied in tangible solutions, using mobile cinema to promote a new form of film distribution.

Mobile Cinema Iraq

The films screened during the festival will also include the documentary Iraq: War Love God & Madness and the film Son of Babylon, by Iraqi-Dutch filmmaker Mohamed Al-Daradji. His Mobile Cinema Iraq will also be promoted, which gives a number of young and talented Iraqi filmmakers the opportunity to receive training and show their films all over Iraq via mobile cinema. The films shown in the mobile cinema also include the documentaries and films made by Al-Daradji. The initiative offers a platform for Iraqi films in Iraq, leading to reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi film sector and giving stories and opinions by Iraqis a place of their own in the public imagination.

DOEN supports all three projects described above with revenues it receives from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.