Youth Unstoppable: Q&A with Marcel Beukeboom and Eefke van de Wouw

Youth Unstoppable

Language: Engels

Q&A with Climate Envoy Marcel Beukeboom and Eefke van de Wouw, the Dutch Youth Representative on Sustainable Development to the UN. 

Climate envoy Marcel Beukeboom represents The Netherlands during international climate meetings. Climate change is a worldwide problem and demands cooperation on an international level. The Netherlands acknowledges this need by appointing a climate envoy. International agreements, such as the Paris Agreement, also effect our national policy. Marcel therefore also communicates and shapes the international agreements in The Netherlands itself.

Eefke van de Wouw is the Dutch Youth Representative on Sustainable Development to the UN. She collects the input of the younger generation from the Netherlands and brings it to national- and international conferences. She forms the bridge between youth and older generations and policy makers. As a Future Forecasting graduate she is not only trying to represent the voice of the youth but also the importance of future thinking. Thinking within the box is not for her. She would rather show others how to look at the world from a different perspective so they can create creative solutions together.

Moderator: Marieke Eyskoot

Marieke Eyskoot (1977) is sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert and lover, speaker and presenter, author and consultant. Marieke is the author of ‘This is a Good Guide – for a sustainable lifestyle’. Filled with practical and positive tips on fashion, beauty, food, home, work and leisure – proving that stylish and sustainable go very well together.

About this day:
A habitable planet means welfare for poor and rich, for men and women and for present and future generations. That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commits itself to providing access to and sustainable usage of natural resources, for everyone. The Netherlands collaborates with different governments, multilateral institutions, NGO’s, companies and civilians to secure the provision of public goods such as raw materials, water and energy for the future. The most important guidelines in doing so are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), globally determined goals for sustainable development.

In association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we present Earth at Stake on Sunday the 24th of March. We will screen the documentaries Anthropocene: the Human Epoch, Soyalism and Youth Unstoppable, followed by Q&A’s with experts on relevant topics.