Dirty God: Q&A with director Sacha Polak and actrice Vicky Knight

Dirty God

Language: Engels

After the screening Maarten Stoltz (Movies that Matter) speaks with actrice Vicky Knight and director Sacha Polak about the making of the film. They will talk about how Vicky Knight and Sacha Polak met and how Polak was able to convince Knight to take on the role in Polak’s first English debut. 

Director Sacha Polak (1982) graduated in 2006 from the Netherlands FIlm and Television Academy. Her first feature film Hemel (2012) was highly acclaimed with the leading actrice Hannah Hoekstra winning a Gouden Kalf for her role in the film. Her second film Zurich (2015) with Wende Snijders was also widley praised.