Anthropocene: The Human Epoch: Q&A with philosopher Sjoerd van Tuinen

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Language: Engels

After the film Evanne Nowak will speak with philosopher Sjoerd van Tuinen about living in earth’s most recent time period in which the earth’s system processes have been altered by humans. Sjoerd van Tuinen is co-author of the book ‘Leven in het antropoceen – Een Handleiding’ (Living in the Anthropocene – A guide) in which he argues that we cannot blindly entrust technicians to solve the problems of the Anthropocene. For the book Sjoerd van Tuinen spoke with leading thinkers about the ethical-political implications pertaining to the human impact on the environment. In the book he claims that the anthropocene is more than just an environmental issue, focus also needs to be given to security, immigration, education and urban development.