Daddy and the Warlord: BNNVARA Preview: Q&A with directors Shamira Raphaëla en Clarice Gargard

Daddy and the Warlord

Language: Nederlands

After the screening directors Shamira Raphaëla and Clarice Gargard will speak about making the documentary in which Clarice has a lead role searching for the history of her father.

Shamira Raphaëla is fascinated by the grey areas of lift and not afraid to be a subject in her own work as shown in her 2014 documentary ‘Deal with it’ about her drug dealing father and brother.

Clarice Gargard is a journalist and writes for media as Vice and The Correspondent. She also writes a column for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. In 2019 she is the Dutch UN Women Representative for which she will speech at the UN General Assembly.