Hooligan Sparrow: Q&A with director Nanfu Wang and Teng Biao

Hooligan Sparrow

Language: Engels

Q&A with director Nanfu Wang and Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao. Moderator is Marijn Heemskerk.

Nanfu Wang is a filmmaker based in New York City. Originally from a remote village in China, Wang overcame poverty and lack of access to formal secondary education. Her work often features the stories of marginalized or mistreated people. From Chinese blood donors stricken with HIV from used government-issued needles to the left-behind children of migrant laborers, Wang’s short films have been distributed on many platforms and translated into several languages. 

Dr.Teng Biao is a Chinese human rights lawyer, visiting scholar at New York University and Harvard, the founder and President of China Against the Death Penalty , the first and only abolitionist NGO in China. As a human Rights lawyer, Teng is a promoter of the Rights Defense Movement and a co-initiator of the New Citizens Movement.

Marijn Heemskerk is freelance journalist and correspondent prostitution at De Correspondent.

'A good system is achieved by people’s efforts,’ says Ye Haiyan. The activist, also known as Hooligan Sparrow, considers herself one of the people who will have to change China’s system. She stands up for the rights of women and girls in her homeland – despite the consequences for her freedom. Read more about Ye Haiyan. 


Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 17:15
Zaal 2, Filmhuis Den Haag