When the War Comes: Q&A with terrorism expert Peter Knoope

When the War Comes

Language: Engels

After the screening there will be a conversation with moderator Laura Henderson (Utrecht University) and terror-expert and former vice-director Peter Knoope of the National Coordinator Terrorism Prevention (NCTb). Knoope will contextualise the film in a broader historical context. According to Knoope, the rise of extreme nationalist movements in eastern Europe is not a suprise, it is has to be seen in a wider global context. Together with Laura Henderson, who is a legal philosopher and assistant professor in Law, Knoope will look for explanations on the rise of the Slovak Recruits.

Peter Knoope is the former executive director of the ICCT, the International Center for Counter Terrorism. Momentarily he is an Associate Fellow at the ICCT and Senior Visiting Fellow at Clingendael, Netherlands Institute for International Relations. Until 2009 he was working for the National Coordinator Terrorism Prevention (NCTb).