Frame by Frame: Q&A with main characters and filmmakers

Frame by Frame

Language: Engels

Q&A with the two directors Mo Scarpeli and Alexandria Bombach, two of the main characters and the photographers Massoud Hossaini and Farzana Wahidy, moderated by Bette Dam. 

After the screening there will be the opportunity to mingle and socialize with the guests and speakers in Studio A in the Filmhuis.

Farzana is one of the few female photographers in Afghanistan. She works as a freelancer now, but used to work for AP for many years.

Massoud is a journalist and photographer for AFP and winner of the Pulitzer Prize. He covered the war in Afghanistan, spending much of the time embedded with US troops and in isolated rural villages. Hossaini’s work has twice been exhibited in Berlin.

Mo Scarpelli is an independent visual journalist and filmmaker. 

Alexandria Bombach is a shortfilmmaker believing in the power of storytelling. With her own production company in her back, her work is defined by her ability to get to the core of passionate characters with the intention of shifting perspectives and igniting change.

Bette Dam lived in Afghanistan for eight years as part of her job as a correspondent for NRC Handelsblad and Wereldomroep.


Friday, March 25, 2016 - 17:00
Zaal 2, Filmhuis Den Haag