The Tower: Q&A with researchers Dina Zbeidy en Nora Stel

Tower, The

Language: Engels

After the screening researchers Diana Zbeidy (UvA) and Nora Stel (UU) will speak with journalist Linda Polman about the theme of hope for Palestinian refugees. They will talk about the role of the host country when it comes to hope about creating new lives for themselves in their new home county or encouraging them to not settle down and go back to their home country. They will also speak about the role refugees themselves have regarding their own hope for a better future.  

Dina Zbeidy is a Palestinian anthropologist and is currently working on her dissertation at the University of Amsterdam. She grew up in a Palestinian town in Israel and lived in Jerusalem for five years and worked multiple years at different human rights originations in Palestine and the Netherlands. Her research focuses on nationalism, social movements and refugees in the Middle East.  

Nora Stel graduated with honors from the postgraduate study Conflict Studies and Human Rights. She obtained her doctorate from the University of Utrecht researching the relation between Palestinian and Lebanese authorities in informal refugee settlements in Southern Lebanon. She also researched refugee communities in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Burundi and Ethiopia.