Cold Case Hammarskjöld: Q&A with Saskia Janssen, Marno de Boer and Thijs Bouwknegt

Cold Case Hammarskjöld

Language: Engels

After the screening a fact check panel of three will discuss the content of the film and shine their professional expertise on this documentary. The panelists are Saskia Jansen, HIV/AIDS researcher at Amsterdams Medical Centre, Marno de Boer defense expert at Trouw and Thijs Bouwknegt, researcher at The Netherlands Institute for War-, Holocaust- and Genocide studies. Saskia Janssen will shed light on the mad turn of events that took place in South Africa when Mads discovered the plan of a rogue mercenary group to inject HIV infected vaccines into the residents of the townships of South Africa. Marno de Boer will address the role the security services had in downing the plane that took Hammarskjöld's life in Katanga, Congo. Thijs Bouwknegt will guide the conversation and take questions from the audience.  

Dr. Saskia Janssen, MD PhD, is HIV/AIDS researcher at the Amsterdam Medical Center. For the International AIDS Conference 2018 in Amsterdam she acted as a rapporteur. For her PhD she worked in an HIV/AIDS clinic in Gabon, prior to a position at the South African University of Cape Town.  

Marno de Boer is defense- and foreign policy expert for the Dutch newspaper Trouw. Marno specialises in defense policy, transnational organizations and foreign policy, he obtained his postgraduate degree in Military History at the prestigious King’s College in London.  

Dr. Thijs Bouwknegt is researcher at The Netherlands Institute for War-, Holocaust-, and Genocide studies. He specialises in international criminal law, mass violence in Africa and comparative genocide studies.