Crime + Punishment: Q&A with police chief Lute Nieuwerth and Joost Valk

Crime + Punishment

Language: Engels

Since last year, Lute Nieuwerth has been appointed the new head of the Diversity programme of the Dutch national police. He will speak with his colleague, chief inspector Joost Valk about the tension between, on the one hand enforcing the law, and on the other hand being a connecting factor for the community, especially in culturally diverse communities.

Lute Nieuwerth, is chief superintendent and head of Diversity with the National Policie. Before that he was responsible for the southern Gelderland district. He oversees diversity within and outside of the police force. He supervises topics such as preventing ethnic profiling and making the police force a true reflecting of society by hiring cadets with multi ethnic profiles.   

Joost Valk is chief inspector of The Hague police unit and program coordinator Diversity within the local police corps, while also studying a postgraduate study in Philosophy of Law.