Está Todo Bien: Q&A with activist Efraím Vegas and director Tuki Jencquel

Esta Todo Bien

Language: Engels

Journalist Edwin Koopman (Trouw, Bureau Buitenland) travels back and forth to Venezuela. He talks with activist Efraím Vegas about his fight for the right to public health and medicines and with director Tuki Jencquel about making this film in Venezuela. How to make such a film when the country is in such a crisis? And what does it mean when not even paracetamol is available?

Efraím Vegas takes part in the Activist competition programme and therefore is a festival guest. Click here to watch the video profile of Efraím Vegas.

Vegas replaces Francisco Valencia, who would actually attend the festival. Valencia unfortunately cannot attend the festival due to visa circumstances. Francisco Valencia is leading the fight on behalf of the millions of Venezuelans who depend on expensive medicines to live. Valencia is the director of the Coalition of Organizations for the Right to Health and Life (Codevida). He is on a constant search for medicines. ‘We have been able to give thousands of people medicines at no cost,’ he says. ‘But the situation is serious. For chronic diseases that require high-cost medicines the shortage is 95 per cent. This puts the lives of more than 300.000 people at risk. If we add hypertension and diabetes, we are talking about 11 million people.’ Read more about Francisco Valencia here