Novaya: Q&A with activist Ali Feruz and director Askold Kurov led by Jorie Horsthuis (journalist)


Language: Engels

Director Askold Kurov filmed for 1,5 years at the editorial office of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. During that time a lot happened, among which the arrest of activist Ali Feruz because of his critical articles. Journalist Jorie Horsthuis talks about this with them and highlights the differences in working at a Dutch and Russian editorial office.

‘I’m free and I don’t have to be afraid anymore,’ says journalist and gay rights activist Ali Feruz. He had to flee Uzbekistan after he was arrested and tortured by security forces. In Russia he started working for independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta and was arrested again. These days Feruz curates Unit: a network which aims to increase the quality of reporting on marginalized people in the former Soviet Union. ‘We want to give a voice to those who aren’t heard, whose voice has been taken.’ Read more about Ali Feruz and watch a short clip.