Onverharde weg naar Vrede: Q&A with activist Farid Julicué and director Jaap van ‘t Kruis

Onverharde weg naar vrede

Language: Engels

Activist Farid Julicué has a huge incentive for peace in Colombia and creating reconciliation between former FARC combatants and villagers. He knows best how vulnerable that is. Camila Gutiérrez Aguilera (director mobile cinema festival Ambulante Colombia) speaks about this with him, together with director Jaap van ’t Kruis who made this film in the village Caldono.

The Colombian village Caldono was in the forefront of the country’s decade-long armed conflict. When the government and guerrilla movement FARC signed a peace agreement in 2016, Farid Julicué was hopeful. ‘Peace is like a butterfly with beautiful colours,’ he says. ‘But it’s so fragile.’ Julicué made it his mission to ensure a peaceful homecoming of former FARC combatants. But after years of violence the pain is still too deep for many villagers. Still, he doesn’t give up. ‘I think of my children and grandchildren,’ he says. ‘I want them to live in a laboratory of peace in Caldono one day.’ Read more about Farid Julicué  and watch a short clip.