Grit: Q&A with activist Dian Maharani and directors Sasha Friedlander & Cynthia Wade


Language: Engels

Katinka Baehr is editor and programmaker specialised in storytelling and documentary. She speaks with young Indonesian activist Dian Maharani about the Lapindo disaster and the responsibility of large corporations. Directors Sasha Friedlander & Cynthia Wade about why they decided to tell this story, how it was to create this film and why it is so important to be told. 

Dian Maharani was just a teenager when she took on one of the most powerful companies in Indonesia. In May 2006, the town of Sidoarjo (East Java) was hit by disaster. A drill of the Lapindo oil and gas company hit an underground pocket of hot mud. This resulted in a mud volcano. For years, Lapindo refused to take responsibility for the disaster. ‘I hope that through the film, the world will learn about what really happened in Sidoarjo,’ Dian says. ‘It’s the story of a powerful company that was not held responsible for the devastating results of its negligence.’ Read more about Dian Maharani and watch a short clip.