A Sinner in Mecca: Q&A with activist Parvez Sharma and expert Paul Aarts

Sinner in Mecca, A

Language: Engels

After the screening journalist Hassnae Bouazza will talk to activist Parvez Sharma and expert Paul Aarts. 

As a gay Muslim, Indian-born filmmaker Parvez Sharma risked his life documenting his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. His film A Sinner in Mecca is a personal quest to reconcile his faith and his sexuality. ‘I’m no longer worrying about whether Islam will accept me. The question is: can I accept Islam?’Read more about Parvez Sharma. 

Together with Carolien Roelants Paul Aarts wrote the book Saoedi-Arabie: de revolutie die nog moet komen. Aarts is senior lecturer in International Relations at the Department of Political Science (University of Amsterdam). He was co-founder of ZemZem , a Dutch magazine on the Middle East, North Africa and Islam. He developed the 'Zeytun Academic Exchange' program with academic institutes in several Middle Eastern countries. He mainly writes on the Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia in particular.

Hassnae Bouazza is journalist, columnist, translater and programme maker.