Softie: Q&A with activists Boniface & Njeri Mwangi, director Sam Soko and producer Toni Kamau


Language: Engels

Social entrepreneur Ama van Dantzig lives and works in Ghana and the Netherlands on social change in Africa. After the screening she speaks with activists Boniface & Njeri Mwangi about what is needed in Kenya to create social change. How do you keep motivating yourself for this if everything around you is challenging? Director Sam Soko and producer Toni Kamau also join the conversation: what can be the influence of this film for this desired social change?

As a fearless news photographer, Boniface Mwangi captured the brutal reality of Kenyan society and politics after the extreme violence of the elections of 2017. Mwangi began speaking out as a political activist and as an aspiring politician he aims to transcend corruption and tribal differences. In recent years, he was the target of police violence and many threats. However, all this does not discourage him. ‘I used to be called softie, but I’m no longer softie, because I discovered who I really am,’ he says. ‘There’s nothing as powerful as that.’ Read more about Boniface Mwangi and watch a short clip.