Deep Web: Q&A with Arno Lodder

Deep Web

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Discussion with Arno Lodder and Rejo Zenger, moderated by Chris van 't Hof, about the way legislation can regulate, stimulate or merely disable free internet.

Arno Lodder, professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, head of the department Transnational Legal Studies of the VU University. Mr. Lodder conducts research in the programme Boundaries of Law. His research is mainly concernced with three aims regarding internet governance and regulation. First, law can contribute to what is good on the internet, in terms of infrastructure as well as content and applications. Second, law can help to control or ban threats to the internet and the people using it. Third, law can set and enforce norms for the use of data and the behaviour on the internet. Over the last five years some of the issues Lodder addressed were Electronic signatures, Spam, Law of Virtual worlds, Law and Web 2.0, and Online Dispute Resolution. Currently his focus is on Cyberwar, the Internet of Things, and a EU research project on anti money laundering.

Rejo Zenger is interested in a sustainable, open and free society and this translates in his work. Rejo works as a technical civil rights researcher at Bits of Freedom. He has always been fascinated with the endlessness of the internet and its open character which creates freedom. But he also realizes the necessity to protect this freedom. Rejo started the project in 2002 to counter spam. Like many other techs, it was difficult for Rejo to deal with the growing urges of government control over the internet. His current work at Bits of Freedom tries to constructively move against this.

The discussion will be moderated by Chris van 't Hof, talkshow host at Tek Tok late night, internet researcher and writer of a book on ethical hacking:


Monday, March 21, 2016 - 17:00
Theater aan het Spui Kleine Zaal