Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer: introduction and Q&A by David Barnouw

Staat Gegen Fritz Bauer, Der

Language: Engels

A short introduction to the film will be done by David Barnouw. After the screening he will again be available to answer questions about the historical, political and social context of the film.

David Barnouw (1949) studied political sciences at the University of Amsterdam. In 1979, after appointments at the IISG and the University of Leiden, he became staff member at NIOD, currently known as the Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

During several months in 2008 and 2012 David Barnouw has been visiting professor at the University of Vermont in Burlington. His areas of interest are the German occupation of the Netherlands, problems of collaboration, Nazi youth movement, propaganda, the representation of war in movies and Anne Frank.

Among his publications are:  De dagboeken van Anne Frank (1986, together with A.H. Paape en G.P. van der Stroom), part 2 of  De Correspondentie van mr. MM. Rost van Tonningen (1993), De bezetting van Nederland in een notendop (2005), De Canon van de Duitse bezetting (2010) en Het fenomeen Anne Frank (2012). Since 2014 David Barnouw is Emeritus Researcher.