Paulina: Q&A with dr. Lorena Sosa


Language: Engels

Q&A on the rights of victims of sexual violence in Argentina, with dr. Lorena Sosa of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights. 

Lorena Sosa is currently an assistant professor at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM). She has previously worked as a researcher and lecturer at the International Victimology Institute Tilburg (INTERVICT) and has participated in a number of European Union projects in the areas of violence against women (including domestic violence and stalking), violence against children and LGBT.

This Q&A will be led by Kirsten van den Hul, also know as a Change Agent. She presents, writes, advises and inspires when it comes to culture, diversity, communication and change. In October 2013, she launched her first book: (S)hevolution, de eeuw van de vrouw (the century of women). In November 2013, Kirsten van den Hul received the Joke Smit Award, a bi-annual lifetime achievement award from the Dutch government for people or organisations working to achieve gender equality.