Paulina: Q&A with Willy van Berlo


Language: Engels

Q&A on various topics seen in the film, including the rights of victims of sexual violence, with Willy van Berlo of Rutgers. Rutgers is an international centre of expertise on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

During her studies on the history of art and psychology Willy van Berlo was already interested in themes such as sexuality, gender and views in relation to femininity and masculinity. She started her career as researcher and has published articles on various subjects, including the sexual abuse of people with a disability, sexual intimidation in the work place, sex and illness, sexualisation and teenage pregnancies. Currently she works as Rutgers as a coordinator and is responsible for the national programmes.

This Q&A will be moderated by Eric van de Giessen. At the Movies that Matter Festival, he coordinates the competition programme on law and justice Camera Justitia. The film Paulina is selected as part of this programme.