A Haunting History: Dutch premiere

Haunting History, A

Language: Engels

At the Dutch premiere screening the protagonists Anuol Deng and Peter Deng and filmmakers Femke and Ilse van Velzen will attend.

South Sudanese Anuol Deng is the protagonist from the film A Haunting History. He fled the civil war in his country, which he narrowly escaped. In the United Kingdom he did his law studies. After graduating he lived in The Netherlands for half a year, where he worked as an intern at the International Crimincal Court (ICC). The documentary shows his return to South Sudan, not long after its independence. Anuol and his cousin Peter Deng will speak about their efforts to deal with the war traumas from their youth and their differing views on peace, reconciliation and justice in South Sudan.

After their studies Cultural and Social Development, the Dutch identical twin sisters Ilse and Femke van Velzen have specialised in making documentaries. They expose injustice in developing countries to a worldwide audience and give oppressed people a voice. Ilse and Femke operate, produce and direct documentaries as independent filmmakers under their own label IFPRODUCTIONS. Their inspiration is found in choosing subjects that move them personally. Their activities have caused them to lose their hearts and minds to the African continent and its people.
Femke and Ilse have produced various films including the award-winning trilogy Fighting the Silence (2007) Weapon of War (2009) and Justice for Sale (2011), about perpetrators and victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the fight against injustice and impunity.