A Good Wife: Q&A with experts dr. Nena Tromp and Jasmina Ravnjak

Good Wife, A

Language: Engels

Moderator Maral Khajeh will discuss the impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the dilemmas of post-war transitional justice with researcher Nena Tromp (University of Amsterdam) and Jasmina Ravnjak (Witness Support, ICTY).

Dr. Nena Tromp is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. She is specialized in Balkan history and post-war Yugoslavia. Previously, she worked as a researcher for the ICTY. She is the Executive Director of the Geoffrey Nice Foundation on Law, History, Politics and Society. Jasmina Ravnjak works for the ICTY since 1999. Currently, she is active as Witness Support Assistant in the Victims and Witnesses Section. 

Maral Khajeh is an Iranian/Dutch lawyer specialised in Law & Politics of International Security. She is the founder of the Young Professional Research Initiative. Currently, she is project leader at theater group DEGASTEN.