Solitary: Q&A with lawyer André Seebregts and professor Miranda Boone


Language: Engels

Moderator Maarten Stoltz will discuss the legality and effects of solitary confinement in US and Dutch prison systems with criminal lawyer André Seebregts and professor in penitentiary law Miranda Boone.

André Seebregts is an experienced criminal lawyer, known for e.g. the high-profile case against Sabir K, whose extradition to the US was refused because of alleged involvement of the CIA in the torture of Sabir K in Pakistan. Seebregts has experience with clients who are confronted with solitary confinement measures.

Miranda Boone is professor in Penitentiary Law and Penology at the University Groningen and senior lecturer Criminal Law and Criminology at the Utrecht University. She is particularly interested in the decision-making processes with regard to the application of sentences from a normative and a social science perspective.