Disturbing the Peace: Q&A with activist Assaf Jacobovitz and Jamel Qassas and director Stephen Apkon

Disturbing the Peace

Language: Engels

Moderator Lucas Verweij talks to activists Assaf Yacobovitz, Jamel Qassas and director Stephen Apkon about the non-violence movement in Israel and Palestine. 

Writer and artist Lucas Verweij, well- known for his original views on world maps and borders will interview Assaf Yacobovitz, Jamel Qassas and director Stephen Apkon about the situation in Israel and Palestine, the strength of non-violence resistance and the possibilities of harmony and collaboration in violent and tense situations.

Shifa al-Qudsi wanted to wear an explosive belt and blow herself up to kill as many Israelis as possible. Meanwhile, Assaf Yacobovitz sat in a control room pressing buttons and giving orders to drop bombs to kill as many Palestinians as possible. Now Shifa and Assaf are both fighting to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Read more about Shifa and Assaf and watch a short clip about them. 

Assaf Yacobovitz is a psychologist and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Unfortunately Shifa al-Qudsi is not able to leave Palestine. Jamel Qassas, Palestinian member of the Combatants for Peace and coordinator of the Bethlehem- Jerusalem group will replace her.