The Empty Room: Q&A with activist Saliha Ben Ali and ICMP director Kathryne Bomberger

Empty Room, The

Language: Engels

Chris Keulemans talks with Saliha Ben Ali, director Jasna Krajinovic and ICMP director general Kathryne Bomberger about radicalization and missing persons. 

After the screening writer Chris Keulemans talks Saliha Ben Ali, director Jasna Krajinovic and International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) director general Kathryne Bomberger about the process of radicalization, the importance of a formal victim status for her son and her attempts to to warn young people to recognise it and not fall for it. Kathryne Bomberger has consistently sought to ensure that the global challenge of missing persons is addressed by governments as an urgent priority, in a manner that is modern, effective and based on the rule of law. “For the people who stay behind it's a mental torture to not know that happened to a missing person", says Kathryne Bomberger.

Saliha Ben Ali’s son Sabri is almost nineteen years old when one day, he leaves for Syria. The sudden and unbearable pain makes it impossible for Saliha to remain silent. Tirelessly she keeps on fighting to provide a dignified farewell for the young people who die in Syria and to tell her son’s story to warn other youngsters. Read more about Saliha and watch a short video clip.