Tickling Giants: Q&A with activist Andeel, director Sara Taksler and Cartoon Movement

Tickling Giants

Language: Engels

Moderator Bahram Sadeghi talks with activist Andeel, the director and founder of Cartoon Movement, Tjeerd Royaards about the importance of political cartoons worldwide.

Journalist Bahram Sadeghi speaks with activisit and cartoonist Andeel, director Sara Taksler and Cartoon Movement founder Tjeerd Royaards about the making of this impressive documentary, the show Al Bernameg by Bassem Youssef and the role of political cartoons in Egypt and other countries.

During the Arab Spring, a heart surgeon – who will be called the ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’ not much later – starts a satirical show: ‘The Show’. The Muslim Brotherhood, the army, the new president: his jokes spare no one. It is a totally new phenomenon in a country where insulting politicians was strictly forbidden. From day one, Andeel is a big fan of the show, and soon he is hired as a permanent writer and cartoonist of the program. Read more about Andeel and watch a short clip.