In conversation with Razia Jan moderated by Sahar Jahish

What Tomorrow Brings

Language: Engels

What Tomorrow Brings: ‘Filmhuis in gesprek’ with Razia Jan and Beth

Journalist Sahar Jahish has Afghan roots. When she was five years old she left Afghanistan with her parents and brothers. After the film, Sahar will interview Razia Jan, director Beth Murphy and Child Protection expert Dee Brillenburg Wurth about the position of girls and the importance of education in war-torn and very religious Afghanistan. Girls who would normally not receive an education because they cannot afford it or because girls do not really belong in school according to traditions in that area. In Afghanistan the predominant thought is that schools are for boys.

Razia Jan has a dream: that all girls in Afghanistan will go to school. And she has already realised the beginning of that dream. In a rural village in Afghanistan, at least 500 girls have been going to her school. And that number is growing fast.

Razia Jan was born in Afghanistan and moved to the United States in 1970. Years later she returned. Razia Jan has been praised for her humanitarian work, and she has received many awards. In 2012, she was one of the ten CNN Top 10 Heroes.




Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 19:00
Zaal 1, Filmhuis Den Haag