Stranger in Paradise: Q&A with Guido Hendrikx and participants UAF project Refugees@Campus

Stranger in Paradise

Language: Nederlands

In cooperation with UAF, Foundation for Refugee-Students, Movies that Matter organizes a program around the film Stranger in Paradise. With this special screening, UAF is an official partner of the festival.

After the film there will be a discussion with director Guido Hendrikx about the film. In addition, Kiki Holle and the Syrian Mouawya Skeiker, a UAF student-couple will also be present to speak about the importance of integration.

The discussion will be moderated by Ernest van der Kwast. Please note that this Q&A is in Dutch.

Guido Hendrikx graduated in 2014 from the Dutch Film Academy, where he directed the award-winning short films 'Escort' and 'Onder Ons'. His first long documentary 'Stranger in Paradise' was the opening film of IDFA 2016.

Mouawya Skeiker came to the Netherlands three years ago. He studied Archaeology at the University of Damascus. In the Netherlands he learned the Dutch language in 8 months. The University of Utrecht accepted him, and he started with his Master in Cultural Anthropology. For his study he is doing research about the living conditions of refugees.

Kiki Holle is studying Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. She was also a volunteer at the Reading Express. She wanted to be in contact with a refugee in a friendly setting, so they could both learn from each other.