Anote’s Ark: Q&A with Bas Jonkman and Bart van den Hurk

Anote's Ark

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Professor of hydraulic engineering Bas Jonkman and KNMI researcher Bart van den Hurk discuss predicting the sea level rise and risks of flooding in relation to the island of Kiribati and new solutions to protect such nations.

Bas Jonkman is professor of hydraulic engineering at TU Delft. He has conducted research on the consequences of flooding disasters and dam failures, for example the flooding of New Orleans in 2005. He is currently focusing on researching flooding risks and creating new solutions to protect the Netherlands and the rest of the world from these threats. 

Bart van den Hurk is professor of 'Climate Interactions with the Socio-Ecological System' within the department Water and Climate Risk. Bart has a PhD on land surface modelling, obtained in Wageningen in 1996. Since then he has developed a scientific career at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). He currently is in charge of the KNMI scientists who create climate scenario's and research sea level rise. 

leiding geef aan KNMI wetenschappers die de klimaatscenario’s en zeespiegelprojecties opstellen.