Daughters of the Dust: Weapon of Choice Gloria Wekker

Daughters of the Dust

Language: Engels

Exclusively for Movies that Matter, Gloria Wekker has selected the film Daughters of the Dust. Why has this film in particular made such on impression on her and why is it important for everyone to see it? Nancy Jouwe speaks with her about these questions before the screening.

In 2016 Professor emeritus of Gender and Ethnicity Gloria Wekker wrote the much discussed and urgent book White Innocence: Paradoxes of Colonialism and Race. In her work Gloria Wekker explores a central paradox in Dutch culture: the passion and aggression racism evokes, while the very existence of race and racism is simultaneously refuted.

About Weapon of Choice:

The Movies that Matter festival organises the second edition of Weapon of Choice this year. For Weapon of Choice 5 prominent creators, journalists and researchers have chosen a film that they argue everyone should watch.