So Help Me God: Weapon of Choice Eric de Vroedt

So Help Me God

Language: Engels

Exclusively for Movies that Matter, Eric de Vroedt has selected the film So Help Me God. Why has this film in particular made such on impression on him and why is it important for everyone to see it? Movies that Matter artistic director Dirk van der Straaten asks him these questions before the screening.

Eric de Vroedt (Rotterdam, 1972) was appointed artistic director of The National Theatre in The Hague in 2016. He gained recognition through his project Mightysociety. Since 2008 De Vroedt has director for Theatre Company Amsterdam, Theatre company Oostpool en Schauspielhaus Bochum. For the National Theatre he has directed Race (2016) and The Nation (2017). The Nation is a 6-part theatre thriller in which de Vroedt paints a picture of the dramatically unstable Dutch multi-cultural society.

About Weapon of Choice:

The Movies that Matter festival organises the second edition of Weapon of Choice this year. For Weapon of Choice 5 prominent creators, journalists and researchers have chosen a film that they argue everyone should watch.