Risk: Q&A with Melissa Taylor (Lawyer Julian Assange) en Marietje Schaake (member of the European Pa


Language: Engels

Jasper Wezenberg speaks with Melinda Taylor (the lawyer of Julian Assange) and Marietje Schaake (European Parliament member D66). 

About the participants:

Melinda Taylor is the lawyer of Julian Assange. She worked as a victims' advocate and in international criminal law. Taylor helped set up the International Criminal Court's public defence counsel in 2006 and worked on defence cases before Tribunals in Yugoslavia and Rwanda.  She was assigned to provide assistance to Slobodan Milošević when he refused counsel during his trial.

Marietje Schaake is a member of the European Parliament since 2009. She was named ‘the ultimate digital MEP’ by political website Politico, due to her focus on running digital campaigns and her initiatives to promote digital freedom.

Jasper Wezenberg makes programs for the Balie in Amsterdam.