Une saison en France: Q&A with among others Ewing Amadi Salumu

saison en France, Une

Language: Engels

With among others Ewing Amadi Salumu we speak about the effects of the European migration policy on the daily lives of migrants. What are the responsibilities of, for example, the Netherlands, to protect the constitutional rights of migrants? What are key components of European migration law?

Ewing Amadi Salumu holds a degree in law and previously worked as a successful reporter in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, after multiple attacks and threats on his friends and family he was forced to flee to the Netherlands in 2009. Since, he has been working on intriguing projects such as The Hague Peace Project and RuziziNL.



Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 16:45
Zaal 2, Filmhuis Den Haag
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