Silas: Q&A with activist Silas Siakor and director Anjali Nayar


Language: Engels

Q&A with activist Silas Siakor and director Anjali Nayar about corruption activism and illegal deforestation in Liberia.

Writer Vamba Sherif speaks with Liberian grassroots activist Silas Siakor about corruption in Liberia and the current political situation. What does activism mean to Silas and how has this developed in his fight against the illegal activities by the forest companies? With director Anjali Nayar we talk about the process of making this documentary and its impact.

Silas Siakor literally works day and night protecting the land rights of indigenous villagers all over Liberia. More than a quarter of Liberia’s population sees its way of living threatened by land grabbing multinationals, plundering the Liberian forests for the production of palm oil. About 25 per cent of Liberia’s land mass has been given away to multinationals, much of that in illegal permits. More than a million people who depend on these forests for their food, medicine and income, are completely ignored. Siakor’s organization Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), which he founded in 2005, actively engages the local population to document illegal activities by the forest companies. Read more about Silas Siakor and watch a short clip.



Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - 21:15
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