The Diplomat: introduction and Q&A with Flip de Heer en Pieter Feith

Diplomat, The

Language: Engels

Flip de Heer will give an introduction and after the movie Lars van Troost will do a Q&A with Pieter Feith

Flip de Heer used to be a embassador and instructed several diplomats. By now, he is enjoying his retirement.

Pieter Feith is a senior diplomat and export in international crisis management. His most recent mission was as International Civilian Representative for Kosovo in 2008 - 2012, where he had wide-ranging authority based on a settlement proposed by Nobel Laureate Martti Ahtisaari to oversee and assist Kosovo developing as a modern, multi-ethnic democracy with an open market economy.

Lars van Troost works at the Office for Strategic Advice at Amnesty International in the Netherlands. There, he used to serve as head of political matters, press officer and staff member International Criminal Court. He is chairman of the supervisory board of The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights.