Turkey on the Edge: Q&A with activist and journalist Fatih Polat and director Imre Azem

Turkey on the Edge

Language: Engels

This Q&A will consist of a conversation with activist and journalist Fatih Polat and director Imre Azem, about democracy and civic liberties in Turkey. The event will be moderated by Tayfun Balçik and is organised in cooperation with The Hague Peace Projects.

In this documentary Azem follows a number of people who in their work and personal lives oppose the Erdogan-regime in Turkey. Although Turkey has a long problematical history with regards to constitutional liberties, the authorities have become more repressive after the Gezi-protests in 2013. Turkey on the Edge is a gripping report about how things went from bad to worse in Turkey, over the last couple of years. 

Several engaging topics are covered including how city renewal projects and planning do not include lower income earners, a fierce women's movement and the resurgence of the war in the southeast. This report also captures how fear for attacks, the attempted coup and the referendum have taken over society. Despite all these oppressive developments, journalists like Fatih Polat and Imre Azem continue their work. What is it like to make a documentary in such circumstances? 

This conversation will be moderated by Tayfun Balcik, from The Hague Peace Projects. We shall focus primarily on the experiences of Imre Azem and Fatih Polat and intend to discover the challenges they faced alongside their safety at the moment. Furthermore, we will explore what else can be done? How can the resistance be organised better? And what goes wrong in the relationship and dialogue with Erdogan's support base? 

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Monday, March 26, 2018 - 21:45
Zaal 2, Filmhuis Den Haag
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