They Will Have To Kill Us First: Q&A with activist Fadimata "Disco" Walet Oumar and journalist Gerbe

They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile

Language: Engels

After the screening journalist Marnix de Bruyne will talk to activist Fadimata "Disco" Walet Oumar and journalist Gerbert van der Aa.

When Muslim extremists took over the north of Mali, they forbade music. For four years Timbuktu was silenced, as musicians were prosecuted for plying their trade. Singer Fadimata Walet Oumar, from the film They Will Have to Kill Us First, sought refuge abroad. But even in exile in Burkina Faso the leader of the band Tartit continued to support the Tuareg women and children in the refugee camps with music and education. ‘To us, music is therapy’.Read more about Fadimata Walet Oumar. 

Marnix de Bruyne is journalist and editor at World Vervolgd magazine of Amnesty The Netherlands.

Gerbert van der Aa is journalist Africa, for Dutch magazines as Elsevier and newspaper NRC Handelsblad. In 2014 he wrote the book Terug naar Timboektoe.


Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 14:30
Zaal 5, Filmhuis Den Haag