ASN VR Special

ASN VR Caravan

Plunge into a world of sound and colour. In Equator 360°: The Centre of the World you end up in the middle of the Amazon, among the shamans of the Yuruparí tribe. We screen this VR film and Equator 360°: The Above and the Below and Equator 360°: The Lying Stars in collaboration with ASN Bank, free of charge, on the square in front of Filmhuis Den Haag.

Equator 360°: The Above and the Below 
The Bajau Laut people of South East Asia have been living on the sea for millennia. Eschewing a land-based existence, they know no borders, their free roaming culture increasingly clashing with the modern world, overfishing, and the changing weather.

Equator 360°: The Centre of the World
The shamans of Yuruparí live directly on the equator, in the Amazonian forests in South-eastern Colombia. Their sacred sites are spread out in a network placed exactly on the equatorial line. The Yuruparí believe they live at the centre of the world, and that it is their duty to preserve the balance of the planet through their spiritual work.

Equator 360°: The Lying Stars 
The Gabra people of the Chalbi desert in northern Kenya still roam the desert with their camels. As the draughts grow longer, these desert nomads know how to manage their resources, and follow the passing of the sun and the moon in the rituals that allows them to predict the rainy season they depend on. But after a 10 year long drought, Barille is wondering if the stars are lying to them.