Chosen by Akwasi: Harriet

23 March 20:45hr

20E: Akwasi

Rapper and poet Akwasi has chosen the film Harriet. Why did this film make such an impression on him and why is it important that everyone has seen this film? We discuss these questions with him before and after the screening.

Akwasi is a storyteller. Whether he does that in a rap, poem or screenplay: he wants to inspire, fascinate and stimulate. With words. Akwasi started rapping when he was fourteen and founded the group Zwart Licht five years later. Meanwhile, he is one of the most talked-about Dutch word artists. As the owner of the record label Neerlands Dope and production house NEED vision, he plays theater and makes film productions. He is also the author of best seller "Laten we het er maar niet over hebben" and regularly performs as a guest and side host in popular Dutch television programs such as De Wereld Draait Door.

For Chosen by, five Dutch public figures choose a film that they think everyone should see.