Earth at Stake

Earth At Stake - engels

On Sunday 24 March we present, in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the third edition of Earth at Stake. Three documentaries and debate on the effects of climate change on people all over the world: Anthropocene, Soyalism and Youth Unstoppable.

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch is an epic and aesthetic documentary about how humans have fundamentally and permanently changed the face of the earth by consistently exceeding nature’s limits. According to scientists, we are now in the Anthropocene period, in which climate and atmospheric changes are caused by human intervention.

Soyalism is about the growing demand for pork in China and how this has a major impact on the way food is produced around the world. Huge parts of the Amazon rainforest are logged to make way for soy plantations, used to feed cattle. In the United States pig farming has developed into an industry worth millions, with huge pig farms turning entire communities into toxic dung pits, with far-reaching consequences for local residents.

Youth Unstoppable: The Rise of Global Youth Climate Movement is about a group of young people from all corners of the world who are frustrated by the inaction of decision-makers. They join forces for real progress against climate change. Teenage Canadian filmmaker Slater has documented their rise from the beginning. As Slater and her friends grow personally, so does their influence on the global climate debate.

Tickets can be bought for the seperate screenings via the links above.