I'm So Angry (I Made a Sign)


I'm So Angry

The I'm So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum is a traveling exhibition about famous revolts and revolutions that helped determine the history of Europe. Through personal stories from participants we raise the question: what are Europeans so angry about and are they prepared to fight for their ideals? The museum travels to Hungary, Estonia, Romania and the Netherlands.

The traveling I'm So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum tells the stories of ordinary people from all over Europe who became part of revolutions that formed Europe between 1956 and 1989. People who fought for freedom and democracy, for the right to participate or simply a living space. Even now the dissatisfaction across Europe is great, what do we want to change? Or do we want to keep what we have, especially with all our might? When is the measure full and are we going to take action? The pop-up museum immediately asks visitors: What are you angry about?

The exhibition can be seen during the festival in the foyer of Theater aan het Spui.

During the special workshop 'Make Your Own Protest Banner' on 31 March at 4 PM you can engage in discussions with other visitors and we will start making your own banners 'oldskool' style under the guidance of the makers of the pop-up museum.

The I’m So Angy! (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum is part of the Iron Curtain Project, a project of Bureau Boven en Stichting Autres Directions.