ENG: Save the Planet

The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves  Jane Goodall 

Since the Club of Rome we know that our planet is in danger. The use of fossil fuels, logging of primeval forests, overfishing and intensive agriculture ensure that people and animals are threatened in their existence. From the pink river dolphin in the Amazon to the melting ice at the North Pole. Nevertheless, the switch to a sustainable world is slow and difficult.

To accelerate this change, there are more and more initiatives and agreements in the area of climate, biodiversity, clean air and energy. But is the change going fast enough? What dilemmas are associated with this struggle for a sustainable world? And what about the liveability of the earth for future generations?

In this thematic program, we screen films about activists, scientists and politicians who strive for change and the dilemmas that accompany their struggle for a sustainable world. The festival sunday is dedicated to these films.