VR Cinema

20E: VR Cinema

Broaden your horizons and let yourself be carried away into different worlds with our virtual reality film programme. This year you’ll be able to watch the following VR films, free of charge:

Plunge into a world of sound and colour. In Equator 360°: The Centre of the World you end up in the middle of the Amazon, among the shamans of the Yuruparí tribe. We're showing this VR film and Equator 360°: The Above and the Below and Equator 360°: The Lying Stars cooperation with the ASN Bank, free of charge, on the square in front of Filmhuis Den Haag.

In Studio A at Filmhuis Den Haag you will find Big Village, an interactive documentary that brings memories of an Iranian Kurdish community to life and shares their stories with the world.

You can also watch the VR documentary Traveling While Black by festival guest Roger Ross Williams in Studio A.