Top 5 BNNVARA Audience Award

On Saturday 31 March, the documentary City of Joy won the BNNVARA Audience Award during the Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague. On the last day of the film festival, BNNVARA chairman / general manager Gerard Timmer announced the winner. He did this on behalf of BNNVARA and on behalf of the public that voted on this film last week. The prize consists of a sum of 5,000 euros and goes to the maker of the film: Madeleine Gavin.

On Saturday 24 March, City of Joy premiered during the Movies that Matter Festival. City of Joy is an inspiring documentary about Congolese women who convert pain into strength. Women and girls who were victims of rape during the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, learn in the 'City of Joy' to deal with their past, to love themselves again, and ultimately to become leaders in their community.