Due to sufficient applications our team is complete! We are delighted and grateful to those who will support us in this year's fesitval edition. To those who are too late: we hope to have you on our team at #MtMF20!

Volunteer tasks

There are several positions to be filled and we partly work with permanent teams in for example car service and location management. For other types of tasks we assign people to different positions to keep the work dynamic.

An average shift is usually around 6 hours, but this can vary. Always indicate two preferences and we will try our best to assign you to these shifts.

Art department
This is mainly applicable before and after the festival. You will help with stage setting and decorating the festival in Theater aan het Spui and Filmhuis Den Haag.

Desirable experience: You are creative and like to work hard.

Assistant location manager
Your main task as assistant location manager is to support the location manager. The location manager is responsible for running a location and is the main contact person for the guests at location. As an assistant you are responsible for leading the volunteers and helping to make sure the films start on time. Moreover you supply information to our guests, visitors, the Movies that Matter team and the employees working at your assigned location. If you are interested in this position, after applying online, please contact us as soon as possible via:

Desirable experience: You are a skilled communicator, hospitable and stress-proof. Also you are solution-oriented and able to adapt quickly. For this position you have to be available during the entire festival. For each location we are looking for two assistant location managers. In advance we will schedule a meeting to get to know each other.
NOTE: Due to sufficient applications this task is no longer available.

Assistant volunteer coordination
For during the festival we are still looking for an assistant volunteer coordination on location. During a big part of the festival you are available to host and brief the volunteers. If you are interested in this position, after applying online, please contact us as soon as possible via

Desirable experience: You are a skilled communicator, hospitable, patient and you like to work structured.
NOTE: Due to sufficient applications this task is no longer available.

Builders and breakers
we are looking for builders and breakers for the construction and deconstruction of the festival. If you are a real handyman and like to work hard then this is the perfect job for you. Tasks like constructing desks, setting up expo’s, hanging up lamps and furnishing areas.

Car service
The chauffeurs take care of transporting the guests, employees, film transport and small transport if necessary.
The chauffeur tasks are hard to combine with other volunteering jobs. If you apply to this position, then this will be your main task. After your shift you are allowed to visit films for free using your Crew Pass. The work schedule of the chauffeurs differ from the regular work schedule. A special schedule will be made by the transport coordinator in the beginning of May. 

Desirable experience: You have a driving license with a minimum of three years of experience. You are representable and service-oriented. You don’t mind to get up early and have a great feeling of responsibility. Being able to speak English fluently is a must. We prefer someone who lives in or around The Hague. If you own your own car it is an advantage but not a must.

Crew Catering and employee space supervisor
in collaboration with the catering manager: preparing the lunch and taking care of the employee space. If you are scheduled between 5PM and 9PM you will help the evening caterers with dinner preparations. You will keep a dining list, arrange drinks on the table and meanwhile clean up when necessary.

Desirable experience: You are a skilled communicator, service oriented, organized and hospitable.  

Distribution team
Handing out festival newspapers at the stations in The Hague prior to the festival. 

Desirable experience: Flexible attitude, spontaneous, rapid, in good physical shape.

Education volunteer
On the weekdays during the festival you are part of the education team. From 7:30AM to 3PM you help with several tasks. Hosting schools and teachers, energise children to join with the side-programme activities and lots of other tasks like these.

The school screenings will take place:
- In Amsterdam on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March in Eye from 07.30 - 16.00
- In The Hague from Monday 25 till Thursday 28 March from 07.20 - 16.00. 

Desirable experience: You are enthousiastic and skilled at energising children, you are hospitable and like to work hard. Some experience or connection with (high) schools is advised. 

Head of crew catering
During the festival you are responsible for catering the lunch and snacks for all crewmembers and Movies that Matter employees. You are available during the week for purchases and arranging the catering space. You will assign catering employees and are able to be creative with a low budget. Meanwhile you will keep an eye on the supplies and make sure there is enough lunch and snacks. You are always supported by two or more volunteers.

Desirable experience: You have experience in catering, preferably in a kitchen, you use your budget responsibly and know how supplying works. Available from 20 to 31 March between 9AM and 3PM (we can deliberate these hours).

You assist moderators and guests that will attend an introduction or Q&A for a film. You host guests prior to the film, pick up tickets at the invitee desk, facilitate introductions between moderators and guests and make sure everyone is on time for the film. We prefer to work with people who already have some experience with the festival. 
NOTE: Due to sufficient applications this task is no longer available.

Information desk assistant
The information desk is THE place where visitors and guests come with questions about the festival, screenings, public transport etcetera. As an information desk assistant you are the face of the festival and inform the visitors and guests. Informing visitors (on topics as time-tables, locations and films), selling merchandise, handing out festival newspapers, informing hosts and moderators are some of your main tasks. 

Desirable experience: In this position you are the face of the festival. You are representable, a skilled communicator, service-oriented, and you speak Dutch and English fluently. You are interested in the festival guests and visitors and prior to the festival you study the films and the in-depth programme. 

Invitee desk
All invitees for special events and premieres can pick up their tickets at the invitee desk. Also all hosts that accompany guest speakers and directors will pick up their reserved tickets here. You will be briefed thoroughly by the location manager.
Beware of the fact that there are calm periods where you can easily study or read. 

Desirable experience: You are representable, a skilled communicator and hospitable. Being able to speak Dutch and English fluently is a necessity. 

The runneris available at specific times to be assigned to wherever is necessary. Regular jobs are picking up lunch, counting the BNNVARA audience award tickets and helping to maintain the employee space. Also you might be assigned to pick up flowers, handing out festival newspapers, small construction and deconstruction jobs and other tasks that might pop up throughout the festival.

The rush varies a lot. Consider it a good sign whenever you have nothing to do, in that case everything is going according to plan. Nevertheless be prepared and bring a notebook.

Desirable experience: you are flexible, patient, hospitable. Being in a good physical shape comes in handy.

Office worker
You help with the preparations at the Amnesty head office. For example with making festival passes, buying and wrapping gits for guests, sending festival newspapers. Also you might be assigned to the programming department or guest service.

Desirable experience: You like office work, you are service oriented and pro-active.

Usher film screenings

Checking access cards, handing out and collecting the audience tags and guiding the audience to their seats. Arranging all necessities for the Q&A’s and after the screening cleaning up the movie theatre. In some cases you help with workshops and other events during the festival.

Desirable experience: You are representable and a skilled communicator. You are able to act quickly and good in keeping an overview. You can be strict if necessary and speak English fluently. 
NOTE: Due to sufficient applications this task is no longer available.

Technical support
For during the festival we are looking for one or two people who are stand-by on site for technical support such as setting up a VR-cinema, reconstruction in between programmes and other similar technical tasks. During the construction and deconstruction professional technicians will be present for guidance.

Desirable experience: you like to work hard and are in good physical shape. Technical knowledge is advised for this position.

Visitor survey
For the communication department you assist to carry out the annual visitor survey. At specific times during the festival you approach the festival visitors with a couple of questions that they can answer on an Ipad. 

Desirable experience: You are hospitable and not afraid to approach people, you are representable and a skilled communicator.

VR Cinema
This year we once again have a VR Cinema. You are responsible for managing the waiting/subscription list for the VR Cinema. You take care of the VR goggles and inform the guests on how to use them. 

Desirable experience: In this position you are the face of the festival. You are representable, a skilled communicator, service-oriented and you speak Dutch and English fluently. Technical skills are an advantage.
During special events in Theater aan het Spui there is a guarded wardrobe. Your task is to collect jackets and possibly answer questions.

Desirable experience: Representable, a skilled communicator and service oriented.