human rights film festival - hungary

The Verzio Film Festival in Budapest, Hungary, took place from 2 -8 November. Movies that Matter presented its film menu and the highlights of the Movies that Matter Festival 2010 during this festival.

The highlights were Last Train Home by Lixin Fan, winner of the Feature Lengths Competition of IDFA 2009, Sari Soldiers by Julie Bridgham, a portrait of human rights activist Mandira Sharma that won the Human Rights Watch Award 2006 and 2007, Shout by the Dutch film makers Ester Gould and Sabine Lubbe Bakker.

The films were introduced by Adrienne Lukacs, programme coordinator at Movies that Matter. Both Shout as Sari Soldiers  were chosen in the top 3 of favourites by the public. Last Train Home received the ‘Special Prize for Outstanding Achievement’ awarded by the Hungary Duna Telivision.

Verzio chose the films from a pre-selection by Movies that Matter. Movies that Matter financially supported the screening rights and the attendance of film maker Sabine Lubbe Bakker on the festival.

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a matter of act

In collaboration with Amnesty International, Movies that Matter presented the A Matter of Act competition programme during the 2010 Movies that Matter Festival. The programme consists of ten documentaries on human rights defenders. After the festival, Movies that Matter encouraged its partners in the countries where the story takes place to show the films in their home country as well. The costs of these screenings were covered by Amnesty’s main programme A Matter of Act, which is sponsored by the Dutch ‘Nationale Postcode Loterij’ (National Zipcode Lottery).

The films on show included:

  • Redlight (Guy Jacobson), which was screened twice in the art cinema Meta House in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. After the screenings Q&A sessions took place. Redlight tells the personal story of two young Cambodian victims of child traffic that end up in the sex industry.
  • To Shoot an Elephant (Alberto Arce), which was screened at the Palestinian Human Rights Film Festival in Nablus, Palestine, on September 26th. This documentary shows what life is like in the Israeli occupied territory of Gaza at the end of 2009. The film won the 2010 A Matter of ACT Documentary Award.
  • Media outlet Democratic Voice of Burma from Oslo decided to broadcast several films of the A Matter of ACT programme in Burma via satellite. From the selection, Chanson pour Amine, 10 Conditions of Love and Redlight have already been translated and broadcast.

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screenings of 'sari soldiers' - nepal

Together with various partners, Media For Development (MFD) organized four screenings of the A Matter of ACT film The Sari Soldiers. This film delves into the anatomy of Nepal’s conflict through the stories of six very strong women, who come from different backgrounds and have different world views.

Screenings were conducted in two districts, Kavre and Sindhupalchok, rural areas in Nepal’s Central Development region. Two screenings were held in each district – one indoor screening for the district officials and an outdoor screening for the general public.

Some 5,500 people watched the film and took part in the discussions. This was the first time that decentralized screenings took place and they generated huge interest among the communities there. The issues of disappearance and crimes committed during the conflict featured dominantly in the discussions with people seeking justice and demanding the establishment of institutional structures to provide justice and relief. The debates focused on the shortcomings of the State as regards accountability and identified justice as the only way forward to achieve meaningful and lasting peace.

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flashpoint human rights film festival - india

The FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival was an event in India that brought together 8 A Matter of ACT films from around the world that dealt with human rights issues named Redlight, Song For Amine, Suddenly Last Winter, The 10 Conditions of Love, The Sari Soldiers, To Shoot an Elephant, Women in Shroud, and Women in White.  FLASHPOINT was organized at three venues: in Mumbai from 8-10 December 2010, and in New Delhi from 20-22 January 2011. FLASHPOINT films were also screened as part of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai, which took place on 7-8 February 2011.

The Flashpoint festival boasted very good attendance, excellent participation, interaction and valuable feedback. Most participants felt that they learned something new about human rights issues around the world and were enthused by the panel discussions that linked up with local issues. The festival received a lot of media attention as well as support from the audience. Extensive publicity before the festival included press releases and media statements by celebrity filmmakers and actors/actresses.

The FLASHPOINT Human Rights Film Festival was organized by Solaris Pictures (Mumbai) and Magic Lantern Foundation (New Delhi) with financial support from Movies That Matter.

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