Vecine Fiorito - Festival de Cine de Derechos Humanos 
March 2021

The first edition of Vecine Fiorito - Festival de Cine de Derechos Humanos will be a community film festival in Villa Fiorito, a poor neighbourhood in the south of Buenos Aires. It is a free-access event that aims to create a space for reflection and debate on human rights issues, mainly related to gender and gender-based discrimination. The programme consists of seven films, one of which will receive the audience award. The festival, which is a collaborative project between Argentinean organisations El Hormiguero, Vecine Festival and Belleza Fiorito, targets the entire community of Villa Fiorito, but has a specific focus on youth, young mothers and young families.


Film screenings 2021


In Belarus, where freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly are both severely restricted, it is not safe and easy to organise film screenings about human dignity and human rights. Yet this is exactly what is happening in Belarus. Screenings take place both in cinemas and cultural centres in different parts of the country. In Belarus, most of the media is state-owned, and non-state media are tightly controlled by the government. Therefore, this film festival in Belarus is not only a hangout or party, but also harbour for intellectual exchange. The festival challenges the 2500-3500 visitors to ask questions and speak out.


Festival Internacional de Cine de La Paz
2 November - 10 December 2020

The 5th edition of this festival will take place in La Paz and other regions in Bolivia. The film programme is complemented with Q&As, workshops and masterclasses with many (local) human rights partners. Screenings take place in a variety of local (cultural) theatres and outdoors. Vulnerable and rural populations are the festival's main target group, in addition to the culturally deprived population. The organisation aims to provide a space of reflection and cultural development, by screening socially committed and award-winning films, and inviting human rights defenders at festival screenings from all over the country.  


Online platform ‘Films for Human Rights’
October 2020

Films for Human Rights’ is a digital platform for the circulation and exhibition of human rights films and audiovisual content in Colombia and Latin America. The platform aims to encourage active participation of civil society, the state and international cooperation. Confronted with many cases of human right violations in Colombia, the organisation uses the power of cinema to change paradigms, imaginaries and to build memories. Raising awareness among the Colombian population, through the screen, becomes essential. Donations for the online screenings will go to strengthen human rights initiatives or social causes. An estimated number of 45.000 people will be reached through the platform.


100% Manusia Film Festival (100% Human Film Festival) 
3-10 December 2020 

The 4th edition of this human rights film festival contains screenings in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok. Screenings will be held in cultural centres, co-working spaces, art houses, universities and film communities, reaching an audience of approximately 7500 people. This year, the festival's theme is 'Courage', with films that encourage people to stand up and speak out. 100% Human Film Festival aims to release all individuals from labels, stereotypes, prejudices, stigma, and realise equality for all. As the festival would like to open doors of opportunity and give access to layers of society, all film screenings and fringe events are free of charge.


Humano Film Festival
10-13 September 2020

The Humano Film Festival is held in the city of Tijuana, a city built on migrants from all over the world. The second edition of this film festival aims to reach a large audience, focusing on those with limited access to education, culture and other fundamental rights. Humano Film Festival takes place in three areas of Tijuana, and involves screenings near the frontier fence and the public beach, as well as public basketball courts. With film screenings, debates, a health fair, a film production competition and other activities, the festival aims to spark awareness and discussion on human rights among approximately 2500 visitors.


International Film Fest with Gender Perspective (MICGénero)
10 September – 4 October 2020

The 9th edition of MICGénero will be held online. The festival, focusing on gender and human rights, aims to reach 30.000 views. Alongside documentaries, fiction short and feature films, the festival will feature Q&As with filmmakers and ‘100 hours of activism’, a programme in which public officials, NGOs, activist and academics are invited to donate an hour of their time and talk about the films, thus generating spaces for discussion on human rights. Furthermore, the festival will feature online workshops, masterclasses and conferences, all of them focusing on subjects related to gender perspective and human rights. 


FIFIDHO Caravan of Awareness
15 September - 25 October 2020

In Niger, a mobile film festival on human rights will be held in 30 villages in the Tillabéry region and 30 colleges in and around the capital Niamey. As elections are coming up in Niger, the organisation FIFIDHO wants to make people conscious of their electoral rights and freedoms and raise attention to the malpractice of ‘buying votes’ in rural areas. Other topics include forced marriage and girls’ rights to education. By travelling through the region and setting up daily film screenings for more than a month, the organisers expect to reach 45,000 people. The project will be followed by the annual FIFIDHO International Human Rights Film Festival in Niamey and Maradi. 


Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival
20-26 September 2020

This year’s edition of Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival will be held online. The festival will organise film talks, a podcast, events on human rights, and of course film screenings, aiming to reach around 8.000 visitors. Active Vista runs education and training programmes on Human Rights, Digital Activism, Arts and Advocacy labs and Public Engagement activities. Central to its work are the Active Vista Human Rights Festival and its Film Outreach Program, which organises regular screenings with forums in schools and communities. 


16th Free Zone Belgrade Film Festival
5–10 November 2020

The 16th Free Zone Belgrade Film Festival will screen up to 50 engaged art house films in 9 movie theatres across Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad. This year’s edition will feature a new programme, called “Green Zone”. This programme covers the topic of environmental awareness, drawing attention of the audience to a healthier and more responsible behaviour in general towards the planet. Due to the outbreak of the virus Covid-19 and the state’s decision to close all cultural venues for the time being, the festival team has decided to launch a “Free Zone Online” VOD platform. The platform will consist of approximately 100 fiction and documentary films dealing with human right issues. 


Miradas Diversas Festival
27 November - 13 December 2020

The second edition of Miradas Diversas Festival consists of two weeks of screenings in Caracas, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracaibo and Mérida, mainly targeting NGOs and youth, and aiming to reach a total number of 2.000 visitors. The screenings take place in Cine Paseo movie theatre, a public space (open-air) and communities, cultural spaces, film clubs and universities. With its second edition approaching, the festival seeks to broaden the range of spectators with a greater awareness of human rights and to open the doors for discussion and deliberation in the communities, and to reach two more cities than with the first edition. The festival will concentrate its efforts on obtaining the participation of a greater number of human rights organisations.